Small Business Solutions provided by The Olive Group

Business In a Box This is radical new approach to supplying technology for a small business or not-for-profit. We determine the exact hardware and software needs for your small business and provide a reliable cost-effective solution. Providing service-based applications running on managed servers, we manage and protect your critical data. From Hosted CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to Accounting, Invoicing, and more. Ideal for small businesses and non-profits and includes Thin Client Terminals, Operating System, Office Suite, Desktop publishing tools, Web browser, Built-in security and virus protection, Information Technology Support Services.

Web site design and development This includes e-commerce & Online Donations, Streaming Audio and Video, Static pages or dynamically changing content, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, Website Marketing and Search Optimization, Professionally designed web site layout and framework, Blogging and interactive community building, Content Management System; allows you to easily make changes to your website!

Application Design and Development Our seasoned team of developers can create custom applications to meet all your business needs. Additionally, we can make provide integration of our custom solutions with your existing systems.

Infrastructure Design and Support Whether you need to expand your business, or just need someone who can manage and optimize your current systems, our team of engineers can provide you with the assurance that your buisness-critical software and data is always safe and available.

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